I feel extremely lucky, because I could see “A revolution in Art – Russian Avant-Garde in the 1910s and 1920s” exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery.

I was amazed by some masterpieces by Mikhail Larionov (Jewish Venus, 1912) of course by Kazimir Malevich (Suprematism, 1915), however my biggest favourite was a picture by ILYA MASHKOV: Woman in an Armchair, 1913. I found it to be really unique. Normally if somebody is sitting in the armchair as a model, that person generally is a king, or queen maybe a prince or princess. This woman is really another type. She is not a fragile elegant lady, she is a really characteristic woman. Her background is a really interesting solution: bunch of faceless men sitting on their horses. By the way she wears an intense red lipstick. I love this picture!

It was a particular feeling to see the real painting by Malevich, Suprematism. I have a specific relation with the suprematism: it was my item of my art history State examination. My result of Art History examination was perfect, but is not the only reason why I love Suprematism so much.




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