I have long appreciated Frida Kahlo, her persona, femininity, clothes and the entire Frida phenomenon. It is not by chance that I visited the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery. Interestingly, I have first seen the London material in the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A · Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up), not the one in Budapest. The two exhibitions had different concepts and I liked both. The London one concentrated on clothing and personal possessions, the Frida who, after the terrible accident was reborn into a magical and inspired artist tormented by hellish pains. Her femininity, beauty and lovers constitute an organic part of her creations, and her persona cannot be separated from her pictures. The Budapest material is more complex, the majority of the collection was made up of her paintings. I am infinitely happy that I could see both exhibitions. Also, in the case of both, the pain emanating from some of her paintings and objects, affected me with a confusing force, this being not an unknown experience. After an almost deadly car crash, in which I fractured my pelvic bone, I also experienced the hardly bearable, ever-present nature of pain for a while. It is no doubt true that creation elevates us, above time and space. I heartily recommend this exhibition where through paintings, contemporary documentaries, photographs and letters, one can almost feel the presence, lovers, passions and art of the artist.


Special thanks for Anna Kőszeghy

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