The first picture is Vonnegut’s emblematic drawing of the asshole from the “Breakfast of the Champions” book. I love this book! Actually it was the beginning – I became a huge Vonnegut fan. I am so grateful for all of his books.
BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS “This book is my fiftieth-birthday present to myself. I feel as though I am crossing the spine of a roof—having ascended one slope. I am programmed at fifty to perform childishly—to insult “The Star- Spangled Banner,” to scrawl pictures of a Nazi flag and an asshole and a lot of other things with a felt-tipped pen. To give an idea of the maturity of my illustrations for this book, here is my picture of an asshole:”
When I painted my Sakura, I realized how similar the flower drawing process is to Vonnegut’s asshole. It is not my fiftieth birthday present to myself. I have some years to reach that age, but actually it was kind of a present for me, because it makes me smile! I wish you a wonderful, healthy springtime! 2020, Budapest

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